Deluxe Protein Bars Save 20% (Click for Instructions) by Healthwise Low Cost Wholesale Discount

Mix any of the Deluxe Bars on this page to total 24 boxes, or get cases of each and get 20% Discount.


During hot months and hot areas of USA, 48 boxes may be required to ship and includes cold packs and insulation to help prevent melting (not guarantee) of bars. You can order 24 boxes, and we will let you know if you need to order 48 boxes. Or if you know you are in hot area, order 48 boxes.

These are the Deluxe Bars that can be mixed.
Peanut Butter 252
Oatmeal with Yogurt 255
Caramel Brownie 256
Strawberry Cheesecake 260
Variety Pack NONCrispy 12 gm to 15 gm Protein Bars 249