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Gourmet Protein Bars

Our Gourmet Protein Bars are perfect for moderate protein to high protein diet for those looking for Gourmet Tasting high protein bars at LOW COST. These bars are delicious and beneficial to your weight loss and fitness goals. We carry a large selection of protein bars in a variety of flavors from Diet Health and Sports and Diet Health and Sports WISE Premium brand. High protein bars can often be expensive, and many times they’re nothing more than glorified candy bars or taste more like sweetened/flavored sawdust and cardboard. The high protein bars at DietFoodsWholesale.com are affordable and deliver a dose of high healthy protein low in calories, sugar and fats with Gourmet Taste! 

A high protein diet is essential for muscle growth and can help aid in weight loss. Many of our high protein bars pack as much as 15g protein per serving, and taste great! Why pay a fortune for single protein bars when you can get high protein bars from DietFoodsWholesale.com in bulk at a much more affordable price. Choose from a variety of delicious flavors like caramel crunch, strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter brownie and other magnificent flavors and feel good doing it. If you’re on a high protein diet or are deciding to go on a high protein diet, choose high protein bars from DietFoodsWholesale.com.