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About Us

We opened a weight loss center in 1996 in the Washington DC Area. We have provided nutritional products and guidance for diet, health, and sports needs to many different people.

Our patients and customers have come from varied and sometimes from extraordinary backgrounds. We have cared for distinguished individuals in the Military, Business Community, Healthcare Community, as well as  those in the Government and Political Arena.

They have come from Capitol Hill, and some have come from all over the world. Some are very public and seen on TV or quoted in the newspapers, others are very private. Some are even from the Secret Service, CIA and the FBI. And then there are others--well we don't even know exactly who they are or what they do.

But, one thing that is true for all of our patients and customers--is that we provide the type of nutrition that is needed by those from such varied backgrounds and in today's hectic fast paced environment that tastes great, has great nutrition, and at low cost.