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Very responsive

Always a great experience

Orange Flavored LIQUID Concentrated Drink

Taste great I have one in the morning with breakfast.


I'm very impressed with this product and company. When I ordered from this company for only the 4th time, I had mistakenly ordered the chocolate shake instead of the chocolate drink. Someone from the team called me when they noticed this wasn't consistent with what I ordered in the past, to confirm this is what I actually intended. Problem averted, thanks to their proactive customer service!!!

Toffee Creme Pudding is wonderful

I have enjoyed Toffee Creme Pudding for a very long time. It is delicious and very satisfying... without breaking my diet. I recommend it to anyone who needs a treat.

Srart the day well!

I am in a year long process of accheving an appropate weight, with a plan for permanent maintainance. In addition to a gentlle, steady exercise program, I have returned to maintaining my calorie intake using these bars as a regular breakfast, and an occasional midafternoon supplement to my meal plan. The taste is good, especially with my morning cup of coffee and my afternoon tea. They have a great taste of cinimon -ish richness, and a pleasent kind of mild yogurt coating. Very satisfying, and do not leave me feeling deprived.
I recomnend these to anyone who needs a grab and go breakfast, where you are running to catch a bus to work, or walking across the living room to your new "office" .

Very happy with selection

The variety is great, all 7 flavors are good. I love that I can buy in bulk and still get a decent mix so I don’t get bored eating the same flavor constantly.

Mix and match hot drinks

Really impressed! Flavors are great I love chocolate so these are amazing to curve that craving. My favorite is the raspberry hot chocolate mint hot chocolate regular hot chocolate and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Creamy Mint Hot Chocolate

This supplement has been a lifesaver when I get a hankering for chocolate. It is creamy and delicious! This one is a must have that I always keep in my cabinet.

Great for chocolate cravings!

These are helpful to me at the end of a day, providing good nutrients and a great chocolate flavor.

ProCal Best Ever!!!?

The ProCal Vanilla is the very best (ever) I have had! Been ordering for 20 years. Makes the "Best"
Pudding adding pecans...
So healthy.πŸ‘

Best breakfast and late night snack ever ,,,

I love my RKane Pro-Cal and have been using it for years for daily breakfast and also more throughout the day when I want to lose a few extra pounds. I add some frozen strawberries and blend it up in my Nutribullet. My favorites are chocolate and strawberry. It's just like eating a milk shake throughout the day,

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Norman Smith
first purchase

For several years I'd always purchased procal from another seller. The pricing from Wholesale was too attractive to ignore. With some misgivings, i decided to try buying a case. The product was identical, the delivery was quick, the service overall was great. I've found a new source.

Buy Now-- Be in Front of Line for Chocolate Pudding and Shake Mix - $9.11/box R-kane Pro-Cal 100 - Save 32% -2001- (Price per Case/36 boxes 7 packets/box) Low Cost Discount
California RN
Great Products, Great Service!

Product arrived as ordered, undamaged and before date estimated. Vendor contacted me with a question about my order, and made a suggestion that saved me money. So helpful! Will definitely order from this vendor again!

Review Mix Match Pick 36

I am a long time customer and I am very satisfied with the customer service and products at Diet Food Wholesale. I appreciate the email communications with order confirmations and shipment updates. My package arrives as stated with my order correct. I have lost weight and have kept it off utilizing these great tasting, easy-to -use high protein products. Thank you and I look forward to continue to order products from Diet Foods Wholesale.

Great Service & products

I greatly appreciate the ease in ordering and the quality of products! Thank you!

Creamy HOT Chocolate Drink Mix with ASPARTAME $6.63/box WHOLESALE PRICE (40 boxes/case 7 pkts/box) (DHS) Diet Health and Sports Brand -701 Made by Robard Advanced Health Systems
Beverly Lubs
My favorite part of breakfast!

I LOVE this hot cocoa! I lost 30 pounds 6 years ago, and I feel like this is my key for keeping it off. My favorite part of breakfast is mocha, so I add this to my coffee every morning at home. I also always carry a packet in my purse so whenever I stop at a coffee shop, I just get a black coffee, and I add this to it! This saves me thousands of calories (I used to get 600 calorie Mochas) and hundreds of dollars ($2 plain coffee instead of a $6 specialty drink) a year!
Whenever I travel, I take these with me! They make hotel coffee so much better, and I know I am getting protein for breakfast!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar

These are my favorite because I do not have to worry about them melting in my purse when I'm on the go. Through Diet Foods Wholesale, the bars were fresh and shipped to me quickly.