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great job!

I'm glad that we were able to easily sort out the problem with the split case.


Peanut Butter CRISP Bar $8.62/box Robard 791 Low Cost 35% Off (24 boxes/case 7 servings/box normally $14.25/box) (DHS) Made by Robard Advanced Health Systems 10 Gram Protein Bar

ChocoMint BAR by Robard Advanced Health Systems

This is my FAVORITE bar of all! If you put a box in the refrigerator, you will be so pleasantly surprised at the delicious, cool taste and texture. I will continue to use these bars to help me get through my 4 pm "munchies" so I do not spoil my dinner.


I combine a packet with ice and diet Root Beer for an incredibly delicious root beer float that is filling . The other great recipe is blend a packet with 1cup of cottage cheese in a Ninja or Vitamix with a Tsp of Vanilla and 1/4 cup water. This makes a wonderful pudding that you will never get tired of!

Fantastic Way to Get Your Protein

Being a choco-alic I can truly say that having a Caramel Crunch or a Rockie Road is the height of indulgence. The bars far surpass the no taste, higher caloric count protein bars sold in stores. Healthwise bars are absolutely out of this world - like eating candy - but getting your protein. The calories, carbs, and fat counts are all within acceptable limits for those with LapBands.

Love It!

I have been a faithful consumer of Pro-Cal shakes (two each for breakfast and lunch) since 2005 - they are a great way to ensure you are getting enough protein in your diet. You can imagine my despair in 2016 when I heard that R-Kane stopped producing Pro-Cal. By 2018, with my stash of shakes dwindling, I rejoiced when I learned that R-Kane had been sold and Pro-Cal would be manufactured again. With the package redesign, I was cautious that the shakes might not taste the same. No worries, these are just as good as the original and the packaging is actually a lot more user friendly. I had Diet Foods Wholesale ship the box right to my office, so no need to keep schlepping these every day. Other stores were charging higher prices (esp. for shipping), so this was a great find!

Fantastic Way to Get Your Protein

I've used the Diet Health and Sport WISE products for several years from Diet Wholesale and have nothing but great things to say about them. I absolutely love the Hot Chocolate, Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal, Wild Berry Drink, Pineapple & Orange Drink, and the Rocky Road Bars are like eating candy. I've tried a few new ones this time - shakes, puddings, and soups - and so far they've lived up to all the others that I've tried. You can't go wrong using Diet Wholesale and DHSW products. They have low carbs, low fat, and high protein with excellent taste. What more could one ask for? Debra

These Chips Rock!

I finally found a guilt free replacement for potato chips. These snacks are really crunchy and taste great. Diet Foods Wholesale have the best prices and delivery too!

I love these bars!

I have been eating one of these bars with a Dannon Lite &Fit 80 calorie Greek Yogurt for years. This is breakfast every day and a lot of the time, this is what I'll have for lunch as well. They're excellent! I haven't tired of them yet and as far as I'm concerned, this is the perfect breakfast or lunch!

Great products, great prices

We have been customers for several years. The prices and selection are much better than any of the local diet / specialty food stores.

I like this but not my favorite

I like this drink but Strawberry is not my favorite so may be why this is not a 5 star for me.

Love the fruit drinks and with lots of protein

I like all of the flavors in the variety box, but I think the pineapple orange is my favorite. I also love the lemon razzy, wish this was in the variety box...that would be my only suggestion.

Geat Cookies --- can't believe I can eat these and manage my weight

I have had all four flavors of these, but of the four, these are my favorite. They are a little soft, chewy..not crispy...taste great. Highly recommend if you like cookies...taste like regular cookies from the bakery

Great Tasting and filling Oatmeal

I love this oatmeal. Have it for breakfast most days. Keeps me full and satisfied. Love the discounts with the emails. And fast shipping. Never a mistake.

Love these...crispy, flavorful and low Calories

Have these with my morning coffee and afternoon coffee. They taste great and tastes like I am cheating on my diet...but I am now.

Great Bars!! My Favorite

Great and tasty bars. I have enjoyed these bars for many years. So glad I found DietFoodsWholesale to buy them fresh and at such low prices