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Great Products, Great Service!

Product arrived as ordered, undamaged and before date estimated. Vendor contacted me with a question about my order, and made a suggestion that saved me money. So helpful! Will definitely order from this vendor again!

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I am a long time customer and I am very satisfied with the customer service and products at Diet Food Wholesale. I appreciate the email communications with order confirmations and shipment updates. My package arrives as stated with my order correct. I have lost weight and have kept it off utilizing these great tasting, easy-to -use high protein products. Thank you and I look forward to continue to order products from Diet Foods Wholesale.

Great Service & products

I greatly appreciate the ease in ordering and the quality of products! Thank you!

My favorite part of breakfast!

I LOVE this hot cocoa! I lost 30 pounds 6 years ago, and I feel like this is my key for keeping it off. My favorite part of breakfast is mocha, so I add this to my coffee every morning at home. I also always carry a packet in my purse so whenever I stop at a coffee shop, I just get a black coffee, and I add this to it! This saves me thousands of calories (I used to get 600 calorie Mochas) and hundreds of dollars ($2 plain coffee instead of a $6 specialty drink) a year!
Whenever I travel, I take these with me! They make hotel coffee so much better, and I know I am getting protein for breakfast!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar

These are my favorite because I do not have to worry about them melting in my purse when I'm on the go. Through Diet Foods Wholesale, the bars were fresh and shipped to me quickly.

Delicious shakes

I have been using RKane Pro-Cal chocolate shakes for my breakfast meal (with added banana or frozen strawberries) for some years now. They are filling and satisfying and each individual packet (I use two) has the equivalent of 20% of most vitamins you need for a day. Each packet also has 15 grams of protein which I found is really helpful for me to maintain my weight within an acceptable range! Highly recommended and Diet Foods has the best prices!

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Better than expected

I have some digestive problems that flare up occasionally, and it is just easier to do meal supplement shakes. Normally I order the RKane Chocolate or Cappuccino flavors for this, and have 4 or 5 a day. The deal on this brand just made much more financial sense, so I decided to try a flavor. The other reviews seemed less favorable towards the chocolate, so I tried the hazelnut cocoa cream. It was definitely better than I was expecting for an alternate brand and it tastes even better than the RKane if blended with my morning coffee for some variety. The packets were also a little easier to dump into the blender cup. However; it does distinctly have a slight artificial sweetner aftertaste of some kind, and doesn't quite blend as well compared to RKane, which is why it is only 4 stars. I'll definitely order again - and this flavor - based on cost comparison.

Best Protein Supplements Available has the best assortment and greatest tasting protein supplements on the market. I've used them for years in helping me to maintain my weight which has been a problem for over 50 years. Their Health Wise Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal starts my day loaded with protein and satisfies my hunger for hours. I adore the Health Wise Rockie Road Bars which satisfy my cravings for chocolate but are packed with protein and not all the fats, carbs, and sugar. Another favorite is the Health Wise original Hot Chocolate on a cold winter's evening. The supplements are almost decadent and fill me up without adding all the bad things to my diet. Thanks to Diet Food Wholesale for making these wonderful products available at an affordable price with fast delivery.

Best tasting Protein shake

This shake fills you up, taste like a vanilla cake mix, cannot even tell its a health drink.

Truly, like a chocolate milkshake!!!

I replace 2 meals each day with one of these delicious shakes. Fill you up... no need for more !

Just in time

Iā€™m happy with my vanilla Z Pro But the delay in delivery of the chocolate flavor is a little concerning

Tangy Orange

The product is just as expected. I am just a little disappointed that we now have to buy by the case and cannot buy by the Box anymore



A Must Have

I absolutely love these chips! They have great flavor and are nice and crispy. I highly recommend you give them a try.

Chocolate Peanut Dream Bar

I have tried almost every bar there is and have been ordering for almost 10 years. This bar is by far the best one I have ever had. The texture is perfect, not too hard and chewy and not too light and fluffy. The chocolate coating gives it the perfect sweetness and creaminess. I now order only a whole case of this bar